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New Autorough Tool
The autoroughing tool will allow for using selected 3 axis / 4axis / 5 axis paths to create a roughing program based on parameters you specify.  Easy interface allows for amount of material to remove, the step size, finish passes, and stock to leave!!!!


3 Axis Part


Standard 3 axis part, similar to airframe parts or parts with multiple z levels on a face


 3 axis planar to finish the floor


Old version of autorough

New version of autorough


Four axis part


 Four axis trim tool path     4 axis auto rough with stock to leave and finish passes

   New 4th axis Autorough


Five axis parts!  ( from the V4 demo's )

The Surfcam Rollblade file with the new 5 axis toolpath on it the same blade file with a 5 axis rough
Morph_slot file with a  5 axis auto rough 4 axis Autorough with negitive stock to leave to clean up surface.  No more cview cutting!
4 axis Trim of a spindle  4 axis Trim of a spindle 
Special offsetting ability for various toolpaths  Special offsetting ability for various toolpaths

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