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Boss Bore Mill Utility 


Boss/Bore Mill is a utility specifically designed to do  Bosses and Bores. It has the ability to helical mill up and down the walls as well as some special pathing for boss milling.  The utility has a similar layout to the standard Surfcam mill interface, with the ability to select Tools from the Surfcam database, as well as Materials from the Surfcam material library.  Boos/Bore has special toolpaths for bosses or bores and does Zlevel type contouring similar to Truemill but adheres to standard arc motion in a spiral fasion instead of spiral motion with arc fitting.  BossBore ALSO has the ability to add cutter comp to the pocket or contour( internal or external) as well as spring passes, overlap of leadin’s, arc or helix leadin/out where applicable, first pass feedrate, and finish spindle speed/feed adjustment for finish Milling. BossBore also has special moves for doing finish and spring passes with variations such as passes on floor, ZLevel via helix, or Helix motion up/down.  Boss bore uses CViews to allow Milling in the view the circle is created in.

Basic interface of the Boss Bore util inside Surfcam accessing the Surfcam Material library



The cut control tab, with standard surfcam pick's for Rapid, and Z depth Leadout tab with Spindle adjust safe zone and Overlap selection in degrees



Toolpath Examples
Spiral Zlevel bore pocket toolpath in operations manager Helix plunge milling with Zlevel spring passes with helix stepping
Helix plunge contouring



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