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DevPost is an external Post processor that uses the Spost engine but doesn't require you to be in Surfcam. DevPost uses the Surfcam spot lib and gives you a list of all available posts.  You can pick any post you have as well as Navigate to any folder that has apt files in it to then post the file!  The tool is great if you want to post a program but don't wish to open Surfcam.  Devpost is also nice to have if your writing posts and want a external environment to speed up post development!


DevPost will list all posts processors in a library that you have inside Spost and allow you to edit the apt file on the left and display the posted file on the right! It has built in edit tools copy, find, replace, etc.  DevPost will also display the list file and the posted file. An excellent tool to see the source and the result at the same time!


Path the DevPost to the proper directory and it will list all the files that you can use as the referance file for the post!


DevPost will automatically list all available posts, just select the post you wish to post to and DevPost does the rest.

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