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Super Filter
SuperFilter is an extremely powerful arc filter that works inside Surfcam under the “Add-on” menu.  Under development for 4 years we tested SuperFilter against some of the industries best.  SuperFilter calculations are more intense, testing for validity of arcs and line filtering, which give greater accuracy with results that are very impressive. SuperFilter also has the ability to automatically adjust feedrates based on arc AND corner moves so the machine doesn't knock your ball screws.



1. Set the filtering  to just lines, or arcs, or, filter lines and arcs .

2. Control the feed and speed of the path by analyzing the motion of the toolpath records to slow the machine down in corners

3. Control the speed a machine does an arc move at

4. Controlling the Spindle and feed max min's. 

5. It is also possible to have specific settings for a specific machine!

6. Control spindle based on feedrate





SuperFilter helps you determine the limits of your machine with lines speed testing tools which create simple programs to determine the machines sensitivity to feed changes.  SuperFilter will allow you to tune your filter path for your machine! 






Arc Speed Control



Although machine controls have improved drastically over the years; cutting arcs at too fast a speed will not yield a good finish and could make an arc an ellipse. For each machine, you can control the federate and allowance for an arc radius. This will limit the max feedrate for that radius cut producing better quality arcs! You can also choose from linear interpolation between points to polyline interpolation for feedrate evaluation.



Corner Control

Corner control Dialog allows you to specify  

1) the angle starting from zero and moving up 2) max feedrate allowed for the given angle of the next move 

Machine controls can move 90 degrees or less corners ( sharp corners) with the control, but with high feedrates the ball screws get slammed. Corner Control will analyze the motion records and adjust the feedrate for the speed control.  Additionally, you can set decel and accel control which will analyze the feedrate change and slow the machine in increments down based on it's sensitivity tests instead of one sudden slowing down move. 

SuperFilter also synchronizes the spindle speed to the feedrate so that if the feedrate changes the spindle speed will adjust to be effectively the same overall speed/feed. ( depends on your machine ).



Posted code with corner accel/decel enabled, this was from a simple 4x3 rectangle going 200 ipm into a corner



The programed feedrate here on the left is decellerated as it gets close to X4.0 inches then it will accelerate up to programmed feed again out of the corner! 

Note: Keep in mind most newer machine's control WILL do the corner at 200 ipm; slamming the ball screws!




 Arc motion with accel/decel feed control with arc speed clamping







 Example of posted code with Spindle tracking feedrate


Same case as before, programmed feedrate is 200 ipm and as the tool gets to the corner the spindle and feedrate adjust to be effectively the same as well as decel into the corner.


( using the spindle feed control)


 Example with Valve File:

3 axis planar toolpath .375 Ball mill   .001 Scallop
Surface Tol=.00003
Number of lines:  59394


Setting filters tolerance to .0001 ( most machines min value)


(Program size including Toolchanges and all)
Surfcam Filter Results: 4192                          SuperFilter Results: 1936


Reduction of file: Surfcam filter 85%           Reduction of file SuperFilter 94%

Arc moves: 7470                                           Arc moves: 3412
Line moves: 1432                                          Line moves: 446


With larger files these numbers become drastically different, in value alone for this simple example, SuperFilter reduced the path by 57% more then the standard filter! 

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