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SurfUtil is a utility that allows you to Flatten any 3d wireframe geometry to a specific plane. Special processing to align a part in space to the top view of Surfcam designed specifically for systems like UG, Catia, ProE, Solidworks and others.  SurfUtil also allows you to use the simple transform rotate command that doesn't require CView usage ( great for beginners ) to easily adjust parts when you bring them into Surfcam.  IN addition, SurfUtil has special processing for Solidworks parts that allow you to adjust the orientation of an imported Solidworks file with a click of a button.  Another great feature, Surfutility allows to create Views based off of special geometries. ie; circle, flat surface, offset as well as View's rotated around an axis using one of the standard views or a view you created.  SurfUtil is a MUST FOR MILLTURN!



View created at 45 degree increments around the X axis starting with View 9 
Note: Part was rotated in Z 90 before Views were created


 Flatten 3d wireframe to one of the workplanes








Result of using the Transform rotate 




















The alignment mode using the circle alignment method





Measuring circle to check circle normal


Creating the circle view, by fliping the Z axis, and telling it the local X axis should point in the positive X axis.


The created circle view result


Using a flat surface for view creation



View created from a surface

 SurfUtil will also create a view from a line ( excellent for bores with centerline axis for machining )


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