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TemplateExtractor is a utility for Surfcam that allows for the extracting or appending of templates from the Surfcam Knowledge base. Very Easy to use and intuitive, TemplateExtractor displays a list of all templates currently in the Database. By selecting which template you wish to append or extract, you can easily send your setting to another user or append the settings into your database which were sent to you!

View of the template Dialog which allows you to pick which template you desire to extract
Extracting templates
View of the Dialog getting ready to extract the Z rough templates ( extracts to a folder under C:\Surfcam\Templates). Simply check the box which templates you wish to export and then select extract button!
The folder where the files are extracted, send the contents of this mergefile to someone, they can create a mergeFolder and append the files
Inserting Templates
Here is a template dialog that doesn't have any Z rough templates in it
By selecting Append and going the MergeFile.sctm (*.sctm Surfcam Template Merge ) file, and then selecting Open, you will append the templates you have embedded in the *.sctm file
 Template Manager now shows Zrough template's in knowledgebase

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