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ToolCrib is specifically designed for Surfcam and allows you to customize which tools you have in a machine, carousel or cassette for various jobs.  ToolCrib supports Lathe, Mill, Mill/Turn tools and allows for setting specific tools in the slots of the machine's actual ATC (Automatic Tool Changer). ToolCrib gives you the ability to change the Tool, Length and Diameter offset's. ToolCrib will then adjust your tool libraries inside Surfcam and will only display the tools you actually have in your machine for that specific machine until you change it to another one!  When programming a part on this machine you will only need to pick the tool. All other variables like offset numbers will automatically be updated to the machines offset numbers.  ToolCrib also features "Drag and Drop" capabilities and very exciting tooltips plus you can check for duplicate offsets as well as creates a simple tool list for ToolCrib to setup a cart with a cassette of tools required for a job.  



The Surfcam ToolCrib displayed inside Surfcam is started by selecting the [ Add in's ] menu.  Below you can see the machine cassette's that have been created. You can copy cassettes and rename them which will install all the tools from the copied cassette into the new cassette.  Cassettes can be named by job, type of milling, and by materail cut! You can select Metric or Inch Database, and create ToolList.

Editing Cassette

Editing a Cassette in the ToolCrib is easy... pick a cassette and edit at will!


The edit dialog displays all the mill tools on the top right side that is active in the Surfcam mill database, and all the drill tools active in the drill database.  On the left side, is the cassette tools for the Mazak MV27 (MC2) Steel Tools ( top of dialog).  Additionally it displays which pocket and the offset numbers that go with those tools.  You can move drag/drop, edit offset numbers, check for duplicate offset's, remove tool and, tool pictures tell you what tool is in the pocket at a glance!

Adding Tools
Adding tools to the cassette is easy. Pick the pocket you wish to have added to, select your type of tool ( mill, drill ), then pick Add Mill Tool,
Pocket 23 you see that the fly cutter is being dragged onto the pocket!  ToolCrib supports "Drag and Drop" of tools from Mill or Drill tools to the cassette

Dropped tool onto pocket 23
Moving tools
Moving tools is simple, pick the tool and you can move it up or down with a button click in the Cassette list, as well as "Drag and Drop"!

(notice the tools being dragged up one pocket)
Easy to use and Intuitive!
ToolTips give indication of what a tool is as well as what each button does with excellent graphics of REAL tools!!!!


Create a toollist for the operator or Toolcrib to get a cart ready to load on a machine in minutes!


Updating Database


Updating Surfcam Tool Database to speed programming of job and to display only the tools we have in the machine we are programming for!! 
When you pick a tool for use, the offset's from the database will be used inside Surfcam.  NO more hunting for your tool list, or going to the machine and trying to figure out what tools are in it or asking for the offset numbers. With ToolCrib you will already know!

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